A Quick Overview On The Sports & Nutrition Market

These past few years have seen a remarkable change in the attitude of people towards engaging in regular sports activities and fitness accessories. In a bid to appear as sophisticated and refined as our western counterparts, people are finally substituting their morning walks with treadmill jogs and palate classes! Men and women of all ages are hopping on this bandwagon of physical fitness and health awareness quite enthusiastically, and this trend is only going to be all the more popular thanks to the effectual media coverage of national and international sports events.

Current Situation in Sports Business Market

As of today, the Indian sports business market values an astounding $1831 million, which is rapidly increasing. The younger set of the Indian population was never so eager and energetic to be a part of this growing sports and games trend before. This educative part of society is not only a thriving part of nationwide sports activities and events, but they are also encouraging the others to do so. People have finally embraced the fact that exercising and working out is not only for weight loss or disease control, but also for relieving stress and keeping mind and body in a healthy shape.

Sports & Fitness

Recent years have seen more and more people getting attracted to the sports and health clubs culture. Now people are actively seeking out the experts’ advice about health and fitness issues. Apart from gyms and health clubs, people have also grown fond of the idea of a home gym. A significance increase has been noted in the purchase of sports accessories like exercise cycles, treadmills, bench-presses and other gym equipment by health conscious and fitness seeking buffs. Those who do not want high intensity workout equipment can still follow an effective exercise schedule with skipping ropes, aerobic steppers, bench equipments and numerous other easy-to-use and efficient fitness equipment. Playing outdoor and physically exerting sports like badminton, squash, tennis, football, swimming, etc., have also become really popular these days among the hip and urban population of India.


Now blame it on Bollywood stars flaunting six-pack abs or their sleek greek-god bodies, but every other person wants a power-packed muscular body today. Bodybuilding clubs and muscle enhancing fitness programmes are popping up in even smaller towns of the country like never before. Gone are the days when flaunting that pot-belly was considered as the sign of a wealthy stature. Toned arms and legs, muscle-ripping abs and flat hard stomach is the new definition of a polished and refined image of today’s man. People are focusing on the importance of a strong and healthy body which is not only a symbol of elegant personality but a measure of gracious social standing. Furthermore, studies have shown that bodybuilding not only helps you get a desirable body but it also induces the growth of various beneficial body functions essential for long-lasting healthy body and stress relieving hormones. It must be noted that in India, bodybuilding is not only approached for health benefits, but also to keep up with the ultra urbane culture and.


Sports and nutrition supplements have become the new rage these days. There are various national and multinational brands in the sports and health supplements market which cater to the different needs of fitness conscious and health seeking individuals. There are sports nutrition brands which provide with the effective nutrients and minerals for achieving the desired bodybuilding results. There are also m ass gainers and weight enhancers for those who want to gain weight healthily. A whole lot of plant and dairy based proteins, minerals, and multivitamins are available to the workaholics who want to follow a healthy diet regime despite of their busy schedules. Health and fitness research facilities have understood the need of daily essential nutrient intake which is not possible from eating the kind of regular food we usually eat. In this case, the additional consumption of important vitamins and minerals becomes crucial for a healthy lifestyle today, when one cannot afford to be ill or malnutrition.

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