Indian Women Hockey Team officially qualifies for the Rio Olympics, 2016

Indian Women Hockey Team proved to be an eye opener to the masses who consider cricket as their national game irrespective of how well other sports are played at international tournaments. Our Indian Women Hockey Team made history by gaining a spot in the forthcoming 2016 Rio Olympics.

Mathias Ahrens

IWH Team Chief Coach “Mathias Ahrens”

The Indian women’s hockey team also nicknamed “Golden girls of Hockey” further explained as to why they are called so. Clinching a spot that too in the coveted tournament is nothing less than a dream for any player.

This team is led by Ritu Rani, who plays halfback, and the team is trained under coach Mathias Ahrens, who has brilliantly played his part. The combination of every team member worked well in our stride to mark our presence felt in the international event. They played their best only to be second qualification ever in Olympics since 1980 where they had managed to finish as 4 spot.

We are all well aware of the neglection that has been showed upon every sport other than cricket. The Women hockey team fetched this spot because of their fifth place finish at the World League Semi Finals in July to win this groundbreaking spot. Our team has been longing for this affirmation since July as they required two of the already qualified teams to be in the finals of the European Championship for their qualification. Mr. Narinder Batra, HI president asserted that “these girls have swelled up our chest with pride. It’s been a long wait of almost 36 years. Better late than never.

India qualified after England defeated Spain in the semi finals of the Unibet EuroHockey Championships in London, which assured that the teams who still hold a chance to make it to the event have already qualified for Rio via the Hockey World League Semi Finals- Netherlands and England.


The team that is going to be victorious in the EuroHockey Championships will qualify for the 2016 Olympics as European continental Champions, opening up a further qualification. India became the 10th team to qualify for the Rio Games after South Korea, Argentina, Great Britain, China, Germany, Netherland, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Hence, in a country where cricket is celebrated as the national sport despite hockey being the one, it is appalling to see that the players need to reach this far in order to make the headlines.Indian Women Hockey team has given enough reasons to the concerned authority and government to act upon the predicament before it’s too late.

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