Brand Awerness

Why Your Fitness Business Needs Brand Awareness

Internet and technology have brought a drastic change in Consumerism in the past few decades. As more and more people are getting aware of the brands, quality, quantity, etc. of a product, there is a constant need of meeting their expectations. For example, nowadays people prefer anything and everything ‘natural’, ‘herbal’ or something with ‘organic’ ingredients. Thus, we see quite a number of herbal and natural products in the market. But how do they know which one to choose? That’s where ‘Brand name’ enters into consideration.

A consumer’s buying habit is directly affected by what other people are buying and recommending. So much so that, one completely ignores the name of the actual product, as they begin to identify those particular products by their Brand name. Thus, Brand Awareness is of utmost importance and the initial step of starting your fitness business. If you delve a little deeper in the branding history, you will realize that even today we confuse many products with its brand name. Little do we know about the actual product and the difference between a copyrighted Brand.

To recognize this fault (or confusion, whichever you prefer) better, let us see the table below:   




 Medical adhesive tape


 Hot tub/ bath tub


 Lip balm


 Table Tennis equipments


 Inline skates


 Hook and loop fasteners



These are some common brand-products confusion we all make. One of the most interesting among them, I find, is MS PowerPoint. Very few know that if you are not using Microsoft PowerPoint, then it is just a presentation and graphic application. Thus, your profit and goodwill and not to forget, your business too, lie dependent upon the brands you offer. Thus, the significance of Brand awareness. Although, it can prove to be a challenge for small capital businesses. Anyhow, to initiate your fitness business, you need to know that ‘W’s of Branding business- “what are the top brands, which are the newbies, why and what is trending, who are its competitors” etc. After this step, dig into research about the various fitness products they offer and “what’s in”. Also, you can take a survey to study about customer behavior and the most sought after brands and/or products.

In todays world, everyone is chasing their dream of that perfect Greek-god physique, the ‘curves’, or just to get in a good shape. As a result fat burners, protein supplements, mass gainers, etc. are gaining popularity. Our Facebook feeds are crowded by the ads of those miracle slimming pills. Every nook and corner of a street you’ll find a new Gym’s ‘opening shortly’ board. This is meeting the consumers demand. Likewise, before your business comes into full force, you need to be aware of your consumer’s demand and requirement. There was a time when ‘dumbbells’ were in much demand. Then came in the craze of owning a treadmill, exercise bicycle, yoga equipment, etc. Now we have the ‘trending’ fat burners, protein supplements, herbal supplements, mass gainers, fat cutting capsules, etc. A ‘Trend’ is ever-changing, dynamic and variable. To keep up with the recent ‘trend’, a thorough ceaseless study and knowledge of Brands and consumer behavior is necessary. Brand awareness is what will keep your fitness business on-the-go.

In this vigorously active world, businesses rise and fall. It is a rat race and one cannot hope to stay in it for long without the consumer’s support. So, it is important to consider the needs of customers and provide the brands or products they prefer. In this way, Brand awareness is one of the fundamental basics for your fitness business.

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